[bra_center_title title=”Find Your Place at Canvas Church” subtitle=”At Canvas, we have made it easy for you to connect with God and with others. Take a moment to learn how Canvas can help you go to the next step in your walk with Christ and engage the community around you”]

[bra_center_title title=”1-Visit one of our Sunday morning services” subtitle=”We would love to meet you and offer you a cup of coffee. At our Sunday morning services you will receive a free gift, you will meet some of our Ministry Team members, and you will be able to worship with us and get a taste of our culture.”]

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[bra_center_title title=”2- Attend a Dessert with Pastors” subtitle=”Quarterly we host a Dessert with Pastors so that you have an opportunity to meet them in person. It is here that you will be able to find out more about the pastor, how the church got started and how to take your next step.  There is no cost to attend so please take a moment and click on the button below to sign up”]

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[bra_center_title title=”3- Get plugged in to a Small Group” subtitle=”At Canvas we believe true life change happens in the context of Small Groups. As people gather together to share their lives with each other and further discuss the life God has called us to live, they will grow in their relationship with each other and with the Lord. We offer different Small Groups that gather all over the city.”]

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[bra_center_title title=”4- Attend Growth Track” subtitle=”The Growth Track is a tool to help you get connected, discover your purpose and make a difference. From the initial decision to accept Jesus as your Lord, to your final destination where your gifts and talents are being maximized, we will lead you step-by-step from healing to growth and into a fulfilling place of influence both in and outside of the church. Growth Track takes place quarterly on a Saturday morning. Please click the button bellow to get signed up”]

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[bra_center_title title=”5- Join our Ministry Team” subtitle=”We believe your gift and the dream that God has placed in your heart are vital to the growth of the local church and the expansion of the kingdom of God. Your greatest potential is realized within the boundaries of God’s plan. As you join one of our volunteer teams and start using your gifts and talents to further expand the Kingdom of God you will start to realize your purpose on earth.”]